Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekly Blog #19- Mentor Visit 2 and RS Video

This week, I went on my second mentor visit with Mr. Arellano. We solidified a complex circuit idea for Original Work and for the next mentor visit, we plan to assemble all the pieces together (the capacitor, diodes, and transformer) for measuring voltage. I received a fresh review over capacitors, MRIs, and transformers (as I had learned about them in AP Physics 2 last year), and received a better understanding of diodes and what the oscilloscope is capable of (for example, oscilloscopes can be used in industry to find the time delayed when measuring a signal). During this visit, we also discussed Final Product. I am pretty set on the IC case study and programming, where I'll try to attain an IC chip and learn how to program it. Although this does not have as large of a scope as I had hoped, it will significantly benefit me in my knowledge and experience with ICs.

One thing I really need to think through is my Research Showcase video. As 2/12 approaches (due date for Original Work, EOL 4, product proposal, calendar rough draft, and my Research Showcase video), I will try to finish my "storyboard" for the video by tonight- what to say and when, what to film during certain times, etc. I think the last time I made a video for a project was 9th grade, so this assignment sounds pretty intimidating but fun at the same time, given the freedom and lack of requirements.

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