Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekly Blog #21- OW Speech and AcDec

On Friday morning, I gave my 20 minute speech about Original Work, SMART Goals, and reflections. The night before was particularly stressful because I had many important due dates throughout the week and was unable to dedicate sufficient time towards writing my speech and creating my presentation. In hindsight, though I missed out on a lot of sleep Thursday night, I am glad that I learned how to pull through difficult and time-pressed situations. I still regret not having spread out my work over the week, so hopefully this will be a lesson learned for the future. I also realized that I need to set my priorities straight, as I could have reduced the time I spent tutoring and dedicated that time towards AcDec and ISM.

Now that my speech and Original Work have been completed, my next important goal is coming up this week! AcDec State competition is in 5 days and I need to focus on studying and preparing for it. To prevent making the same mistakes in terms of preparation (where I would complete homework and immediate needs first, then be too sleepy to study effectively), I will prioritize AcDec by dedicating the first 2 hours I get home to studying. This will help me retain information better and be more confident entering San Antonio.

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