Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekly Blog #22- AcDec and Mentor Visit 4

Since Thursday, I was gone for the AcDec state competition in San Antonio! These 3 days of jam-packed studying were not easy, but it was worth the journey. This was my third year doing AcDec state, and I scored my personal highest. Although I did not achieve the awards that I had hoped, I can confirm that this was a memorable time in terms of team camaraderie and hard work. This year was especially tough for me as I had hoped that after a busy first semester, my schedule would clear up without orchestra rehearsals and college applications. However, I had assumed incorrectly as I encountered scholarship applications and greater plans for ISM. In the end, even with all the makeup work I need to finish, this journey was especially memorable because of the obstacles I overcame.

This past week, I also conducted my fourth mentor visit with Mr. Arellano. We discussed a couple of IC concepts and plans for Final Product. I will also probably tour the Raytheon plant next week, which I am very looking forward to doing!

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