Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekly Blog #18- Original Work and AcDec

This week in ISM, I worked a lot more on Original Work as the deadline is in less than two weeks! I tested signals from different sources, including contact with skin, a battery, and my dad's circuits for his work. This was actually pretty fun, because each graph had its unique characteristics and calculations. For example, the graph from touching the probe to my finger displayed a frequency of around 60 Hz. I had expected zero, but I found that this is because skin is conductive, and creates a crude antenna that picks up the electric field surrounding me (most wall outlets are 60 Hz). I have also found a couple of applications for oscilloscopes so far, including heartbeat monitors. One of the reasons why I chose EE is because of the fun involved in exploring an instrument or discovering something on my own. I am really considering creating a tangible Final Product, as my Original Work is more of an exploration of something that already exists.

As a brief recap of our AcDec meet, Liberty placed fourth at Regionals and will likely advance to State. A large part of our success in the subjective areas (speech and interview) was because of the practice we had in ISM class. Though I still hope to bring up my interview score, I will look forward to State and practice hard!

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