Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Blog #20- OW Speech

2/12 has finally passed and the three-day weekend has started! This week, I finished my Original Work and took all my measurements from the circuit my mentor helped assemble. Although this week's workload was heavier than usual, I can proudly say that in terms of planning ahead, I finally learned from past mistakes. Over the weekend, I finished my EOL (Evidence of Learning assessment) a week in advance and began the general outline/script for my Research Showcase video. On Wednesday, I finished recording the parts involving me on camera and speaking. I would only sleep until I had finished editing all of the video, complete with background music, sound adjustments, and smooth transitions. Finally, during class on Thursday, I made sure to use that time to finish my Final Product proposal, and at home, I completed my Original Work lab report. This was probably the first time I had thoroughly planned in advance and it was worth it. I'm glad I implemented my self-advice and could testify that it works.

Of course, I still need to work on my speech for Original Work, which is expected to last around 30 minutes. However, having experienced a much busier schedule this past week, I am not daunted for this presentation on Friday because I have so much to talk about in regards to my lab report. I am also pretty excited to integrate some interactive components into my presentation, since my circuit and oscilloscope lab involved a lot of hands-on experimentation.

**If you'd like to check out my RS video, it can be found under the "Videos" tab! Original Work can be found under "Research," and EOL and Mentor Visit assessments can be found under "Misc."

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