Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Blog #17- Final Product Ideas

This past week in ISM, I brainstormed ideas for Final Product and did a SWOT analysis of each one. With Mr. Arellano's idea of using logic gates to program lights, I thought of building an educational kit for kids to experiment on. This would serve a bigger purpose of enabling children to get a hands-on lab experience of electrical engineering and logical thinking. Current kits appear bland and intimidating, and the ones that are more eye-catching are virtual. Although this won't directly benefit me in terms of EE knowledge, this idea is more original and impactful. I'm not sure if I would settle on this idea yet, because I also have the option of programming circuit boards, which would give me experience prior to college, but may not guarantee a long-term impact. These are my two main ideas as of now, so I hope to keep brainstorming while building a foundation in coding and circuits. 

As for Original Work, I have completed the general procedure and graphical analysis of one of my trials. I will likely test another source this weekend and get started on my Research Showcase video. Once these are complete, I will upload them on this blog for all to see!

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