Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekly Report #15- Mentorship and Original Work

Prior to winter break, I received some good news- I now have a mentor, Mr. Arellano! I actually found out during our Midwest trip to Chicago, which was very exciting and memorable. I will likely begin mentor visits this upcoming week and discuss plans for original work and final product. One of my goals is also to tour the Raytheon plant in McKinney (if the forms get approved soon enough) to get a glimpse of industry and production. On the note of original work, I have started some experimentation with my dad's oscilloscope and have recorded a graph using my finger as the signal source. This produced a surprising result as I did not expect much from a finger, so I will look into the reasons for the graph's signal in more depth, and research into potential applications of the instrument. In terms of final product however, I do not yet have an idea in mind, as the field of electrical engineering provides a vast number of opportunities and applications. I do plan to incorporate something interactive or business-related, as I hope to study in engineering and business in college.

Although second semester has practically started, I (thankfully) have not yet been a victim of "senioritis." I still feel the necessity to keep up good grades and learn material well, as AP tests will come soon and ISM has a lot to offer. I really hope to use as much of ISM as I can, since college apps and orchestra rehearsals are over. I will do my best to keep up with my SMART goals!

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