Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Weekly Blog #12- Interview 6 and Thanksgiving Break!

I had my 6th Research Interview on Monday with Mr. Dalmacio, an electrical engineer who works for Oracle and specializes in telecommunications. Although I am looking more into ICs and the medical side, I still gained valuable information from this meeting. One piece of advice that he emphasized the most was getting an education in business, whether it's a minor or an MBA. Mr. Dalmacio's main regret was not pursuing an MBA when working at Nortel. He was discouraged by the amount of work required and the immediate needs of raising two children, but now realizes that a couple of job opportunities were missed because of this lack of experience in the business field. I had planned on minoring in business while pursuing a degree in EE, but now I'm starting to rethink what my dad had advised. He encouraged me to do the opposite- to major in business and minor in engineering, because like Mr. Dalmacio said, pursuing a startup requires a lot of exposure to the business world. I wouldn't immediately change my major to business, as I chose engineering because of my genuine interest in it, but I will definitely try to gain a solid education in business.

An interesting yet helpful research interview was a pretty good start to my break! I'm still suffering from allergies and a runny nose, but I am looking forward to Thanksgiving Day. I still have quite a few writing supplements to complete over this week, but I will push forward and look for places of inspiration.

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