Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekly Blog #9- Interviews and Ideas

This past week, I went on my last two (required) interviews! I had an information-packed interview with Dr. Gui at SMU, where we talked for the most part about her past and current research. I learned so much about integrated circuits and some of their various applications. I realized that ICs are more related to electromagnetism and board design, and I have started to shift my focus more towards ICs. I had an interview the next day with Mr. Arellano, who focuses on radio frequencies and engineering management. That interview was by far the longest I've ever had- 1 hour and 45 minutes! In fact, my lower back started to burn a little because of sitting so straight for so long. I gained a lot of knowledge about the different fields within EE (such as ICs, RFs, and signal processing), but also gained new insight into succeeding and growing in industry. Since I had experience from the previous 3 interviews, I was definitely able to make the most out of my time with these last 2 interviews. By "last," I mean the most recent- I'm still looking to interview professionals in industry, especially Texas Instruments, as Dr. Gui mentioned that they have begun to look into medical applications.

As for Original Work, I've decided to explore a basic tool of electrical engineering- an oscilloscope. This instrument is used more frequently for signal processing, but it is still a fundamental instrument that must be comprehended well. I will conduct an AP Physics-style lab to better understand how and why this instrument is used. My proposal is in the making and will solidify by ideas by next week.

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