Saturday, November 14, 2015

Weekly Blog #11- Pushing Forward

Now that speeches are over and I've already had 5 interviews, I must remember to keep pushing forward. To find a mentor who is the best match for me, I need to continue searching for professionals to interview. I will also be keeping Original Work in the back of my head to be fully prepared when the deadline comes closer. A lot of extracurricular activities have been squeezing my schedule (namely orchestra rehearsals), but ironically, this has almost pushed me to be more efficient. When I come home at 7:30 PM, I'm fully aware that there's no time for distractions, and I need to quickly finish my homework to accomplish other tasks. On occasion, when I don't have club meetings or rehearsals, I tend to relax and forget to keep track of time.

Although I'd definitely prefer not being pressed, I will say that I asked for a busy and demanding schedule, so I must take responsibility for it and do the best I can. One thing we discussed in ISM was balancing a proper lifestyle and truly focusing on what we love to do. Though we might be obligated to fulfill certain duties, in the future, whether it's college or work, we need to think through our early decisions before there is no longer a choice. I made this sound a little pessimistic, but I honestly took a positive note from this discussion. Right now, I enjoy immersing myself in different clubs and experiencing a variety of cultures and ideas, but I plan to use this exposure to help me focus on my true passions in college. I also will begin a more balanced lifestyle (such as exercising more often) to build a stronger stamina and active mindset. I will continue to search for professionals and push forward for before the break!

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