Sunday, December 6, 2015

Weekly Blog #13- Display Boards and Mentorship

This past week, we designed our display boards and gave each other feedback on arrangement and execution. Since my topic of study is electrical engineering, I spray-painted the background dark green, and had metallic green lines connecting each subtopic to each other, in order to represent an electric chip (the soldering points are hard to see in this picture). My classmates loved the idea, but I do need to change the title into something more eye-catching and adjust the frames of the subtopics. Though this design was time-consuming, I'm glad my classmates could identify what it was. I wanted to show a little bit of creativity for a field that isn't as expressive as "Graphic Design" or "Marketing," so I'm happy with the execution of my design.

Besides the display board, this week didn't feel as stressed in ISM because I had finished my interview and research assessments in advance. However, as I considered the relative ease at this moment, I remembered one crucial task to do: find a mentor. I have two professors in mind, as both of their interviews were both interesting and useful, and they were clearly passionate about helping their students. However, I am concerned that their busy schedules might prevent them from a mentorship. I have also considered, using the advice from Mr. Arellano, to not "pigeon-hole" myself into one area of electrical engineering at this point. I really enjoyed my interview with Mr. Arellano, and may consider asking him as well. I will ask for some people's thoughts, and attempt to make the best decision from there on.

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