Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weekly Blog #10- Speeches

This week in ISM, we gave our 10-12 minute Research Speeches about our research, interviews, and insight gained thus far. I'm usually not that nervous about public speaking (especially when we have a PowerPoint in the back), but that Wednesday definitely reminded me what it was like to have 20 pairs of eyes concentrated on every word I'm saying! After watching a video of my speech, I'm surprised that my voice managed to conceal my nerves and adrenaline, but I didn't need to worry so much during the speech. I did better than I expected, although in the future, I will be sure to plan out my speech a little more thoroughly. Even though I could tell some speeches were rehearsed and memorized, they were much more engaging and prepared, with less filler words. Overall, I gave a decent speech, but I will do my best to create a more prepared and professional speech for the next one around.

Lastly, I can't believe it's already November. This school year is flying by, and winter break is approaching, which means 2 things: college applications, and finding a mentor. I plan on contacting Dr. Gui to get some contacts from TI, but other than that, I can't definitively say who I would like to ask to be my mentor. This process will require a lot of consideration, and I am still keeping my doors open. I am excited and nervous for what's to come!

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