Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weekly Blog #30- Mock Speech 1

This week, I finally recorded my mock speech for FPN, which I'll post shortly under the videos tab. In the beginning, I was pretty reluctant to get up, change into my suit, and rehearse my 20 minute speech and rerecord multiple times. I waited pretty late to get started, but once I did, it wasn't nearly as tiring as I had expected. If anything, I was more thankful that I had rehearsed and recorded this speech because it only revealed the amount of practice I needed and the improvements I could make. I recorded it so many times because I kept stumbling over sentences that weren't worded as perfectly as written, and even at the end, it wasn't as smooth as it could have been. I also noticed some awkward movement in terms of shifting my body weight or having fast gestures, so this video will help me improve the current state of my presentation. I also realized that the bulk of my speech was about my original work, so I may try to incorporate more about my ISM journey, given that I had a few extra minutes to spare. Overall, I realized that I need to start memorizing parts of my speech every day or two to really solidify my presentation.

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