Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekly Blog #29- Speeches

My invite is complete- and everyone is invited! I finally finished formatting and proofing my invitation which will go out next week or so. I chose the dark green color with the faint orange line to match my board design, which resembles a green chip. Before I get into the more difficult tasks (like the 30 minute speech), I wanted to mention how something as "simple" as an invitation required a lot of proofing and attention to detail. I had originally missed paying attention to symmetry, like spacing at the top and bottom, and articles, like "of" or "to." Even the fonts and sizes took a lot of messing around with. Our teacher emphasized that the little aspects show professionalism and appeal to guests.

However, the most important issue to consider right now is my speech. How will I prepare a 30-minute speech that captivates the audience yet demonstrates the skills and knowledge that I've gained? In my experience, after half-memorizing my Original Work speech and research/intro speech, I've realized that rote practice and memorization are the only ways to successfully execute a long speech. I'm not one who can eloquently improvise with only a basic outline- I end up cutting out important topics, talk too quickly, or use too many filler words. As much as I don't like the aspect of writing, memorizing, and rehearsing a 30-minute speech, I recognize that it is the best way for me to deliver a memorable presentation. I am starting to prepare it this week, and we will see where I'm headed next time!

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