Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekly Blog #33- Final Presentation Night

Last Friday was ISM's big event, Final Presentation Night. FPN day was probably the most stressful night of 2nd semester, in large part because of the sheer amount of requirements and items to take care of. Whether it was finishing my Final Product or coordinating the abundant papers and props with my volunteers, I felt very overwhelmed with these tasks on top of trying to memorize my speech and ensure a certain number of attendees. One important lesson I learned throughout the planning process was the benefit of keeping a positive outlook. Rather than letting a responsibility loom over me for a week, I could have viewed these assignments as a way to showcase my knowledge and end senior year with a bang. Luckily, I gained this insight when the event started because the large and eager audience inspired me to showcase my passion for EE and my journey through ISM. I executed my auditorium introduction well, and although I only had 2 attendees at the very beginning of my presentation, I ended up with a full house of around 15 people, each eager to try the random number generator and mechanical flashlight. FPN was a successful and memorable event, especially the IHOP "dinner" at the end. :) ISM has helped me come a long way since last fall, and I will always remember how much it has taught me about professionalism, my field, and myself.

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