Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekly Blog #32- Almost There

This week, my mentor and I met up to go over final product. We originally planned to do a logic gate demonstration with sensors and lights, but this weekend, he managed to find a circuit that acts as a random number generator. The principle behind the circuit is that the battery supplies power to the small chips, and when time runs out (depending on how long you held the button), whichever chip it last reached is responsible for certain bulbs. The 7 bulbs form the outline of a die, so if the 4 corner bulbs light up, you have the number 4. It's not as interactive as the light sensors, but the logic behind it is really interesting and clear. I remember in computer science, if I wanted to create a random number generator, I would just type out a few lines of code and call a command, but I wouldn't know how the computer actually did that. Although I'm not too focused on how everything works/only hardware, I like having an idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

As you can deduce from my title, this Friday is also the night of FPN! I have a lot of work to finish in terms of my speech, setup, and product. A lot of ISM students (myself included) have focused on the work and the dreaded deadline for final product, but I must keep in mind that this is an opportunity to demonstrate what I've gained throughout the year. This presentation and product, if executed well, could inspire someone to be a part of ISM or even pursue electrical engineering.

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