Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekly Blog #27- FPN Presentation

This week, I finally claimed my room for FPN! I kept receiving the regretful "sorry, 4 people already asked me" response, but luckily, I managed to get the SPED room which not a lot of people thought about claiming. This room is the first one down the 2nd history hall and is conveniently located to the right, which Mr. Wysong says is the direction people tend to turn to. As I have completed my invitation and program design, my next big area of focus is the speech and final product. The speech is due pretty soon, which means that I will need to finish a large part of my final product if I want something to talk about during the 35 minute presentation. Although final product is due on May 20th, the speech is due in mid- to late-April. Looking back, I really should have started the speech about two weeks ago. Last week was packed and the next two weeks will be pretty hectic, with college visits, tests, and AP mock exams. It is truly never too early to start planning, because my future self will thank me immensely. At least I can say that this will give me some insight for college when I have mid-terms and finals!

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