Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekly Blog #28- Logic Gates

This week, I met with my mentor to discuss plans for Final Product. We decided that a logic gate demonstration with lights would be a good interactive portion of my presentation, so next week we plan to test it out. One of my original ideas for Final Product was to create a kid-friendly game or kit involving logic gates, so if the demonstration test run works smoothly, I might try to develop that idea. As for programming the IC chip, we decided that it may not be feasible to purchase a chip and download and learn that specific program. However, I will continue my research on the functions and applications of different IC chips, watch tutorials, and read example code to get a good idea of what I might be exposed to.

As FPN approaches, I've decided to amp up the design/marketing aspect of my topic. Electrical engineering doesn't attract the most excitement or interest for most people, so I'll probably add lights to my invitation and find more ways to incorporate interactive and eye-catching designs. Additionally, a lot of the people I'm inviting will be attending other students' presentations, so I want to maintain a large audience.

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