Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekly Blog #14- Boards, Portfolio, and More

This week, I finished my display board and portfolio! One thing I realized was the amount of time that flew by when printing and assembling pages. Seriously, I had not assumed that it would take me three-fourths of a class period to finish my portfolio. The main culprit of this time was dealing with Excel and my call log. I finally learned to adjust the scaling and switch formats from Google Spreadsheet to Excel, so at least in the future, like for FPN or complex lab reports, I'll be able to quickly arrange a chart or spreadsheet. Several of my classmates helped double-check my portfolio, and one thing I noticed was the importance of going through the 2.5-inch binder page-by-page. I, like several of my ISM 1 classmates, tended to flip through about three pages per divider, and look at the portfolio as a whole. However, an ISM 2 student flipped my binder page-by-page and noticed certain inconsistencies that I was completely oblivious to, like the absence/presence of headers on certain assessments, or the uneven height of title pages. This helped me realize that I need to be more meticulous and put effort into even the "things that don't matter", because they can distinguish a person's personality and professionalism.

As an update to the last report about seeking mentorship, Dr. Peikari did have a very busy schedule, and was unable to be my mentor (although, he did mention that if I attended SMU, he could be my mentor then). I plan on asking a certain engineer who works in industry, and we'll see if I'll have the pleasure of being a mentee!

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