Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekly Blog #5- Experience

This week has been quite hectic! I went on two more interviews, both at SMU. It all also happened to be the last week of the six-week period, when tests come piling up and grades must be submitted. Even though my schedule was packed before and after school every day this week (due to rehearsals, meetings, and make-ups), I no longer feel that I am incapable of balancing demanding courses and activities. In hindsight, I realized that if I had focused on getting work done one-at-a-time, I would have been more efficient and spent less time simply stressing out. It's easy to give up when you look at the long list of tasks to complete, but if you focus on finishing one small task at a time, you'll be done before you know it.

Back to the interviews! I had a great experience at SMU; both professors were very open and gave me lots of information about their experiences and advice for my future in engineering. Both interviews went for almost an hour, and only ended because I was out of questions! Originally, I was reluctant to ask technical and field-specific questions, as they could be a bit risky- would they tell me to just Google the answer? Would I misuse a technical term and come off as amateurish? During my most recent interview with Dr. Papamichalis, I ended up discussing about "real time," a common technical issue in engineering, for a very extended period- and this wasn't even on my list of questions. Next time, I will definitely prepare more specific questions about electrical engineering, because the professional will be able to see concrete proof of my interest and curiosity in this field.

I haven't scheduled any interviews (yet) for next week, but I am on my way. I am also looking at interviewing professionals in industry, as I have only contacted professors so far. Interested to see the differences!

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