Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekly Blog #8- Upcoming Display Board, Speech, and Original Work

Before I discuss topics related to this post's title, here's a brief recap of AcDec on Saturday! After a very intensive week of cramming knowledge into my brain, I finally data dumped at Rockwall High School. Though I was originally slightly disappointed at having earned 1 ribbon (3rd in Math), I still came out as overall top scorer from my school, so my efforts were to some avail. I still need to develop and memorize my AcDec speech in one and a half weeks, but I am confident that my skills developed in ISM and my knowledge from AcDec itself will prepare me well.

On the note of speeches, I have an ISM research speech on the same day as the AcDec one! This research speech is a culmination of all the interviews, assessments, and practices we've done inside and outside of class. I will be talking about my electrical engineering research and experiences for about 10 minutes. I have never really dared to execute an interactive speech, but for such a long speech, I will try to apply this technique to engage the audience. Similarly, for our display boards, I am developing my design to be as eye-catching and coherent as possible. I plan on using an arduino board or electric chip as the background, with the wires connecting to each subtopic (such as "Topic Proposal" or "Quote"). I will likely use the arduino board, as the electric chip requires a detailed execution of proportions, and I am no artist.

As for original work, I was originally very unsure of what to do with the topic of electrical engineering. Most students in the medical, law, or non-business field do intensive case studies, while most business, economics, and marketing students conduct surveys. I could do a case study, but I wanted to try something more than a long and thorough research assessment. That's when my passion for hands-on projects kicked in. I thought back to the oscilloscope sitting in my dad's home office, and thought about conducting a small experiment with the signals from a microphone, which would receive sound from me playing something on my piano. Not sure how feasible this is, but I will talk with my dad and definitely look into it!

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