Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekly Blog #2- Simulations

This week in ISM, we ran our own simulations- of research interviews and phone calls! Though we were dressed in jeans and used our hands as phones, this practice was extremely exposing and ultimately, useful. It was difficult to fully explain who I am, what ISM is, and how I found this professional in a short amount of time. After a couple rounds, though, words started flowing more naturally. One memorable lesson I took from this practice was to persist and never fear rejection. I had previously been nervous about how a future professional might react, but after testimonies and proof of past ISM students who were never discouraged from an "unfortunately" or an "I'm sorry but," I became more eager to create myself opportunities- whether they're through asking for contact information from a more available professional or inquiring again a few weeks later.

One other simulation I witnessed this week was on an oscilloscope! Two years ago, my physics teacher used this instrument to demonstrate deconstructive sound waves. Finally, I got to experiment on my dad's used oscilloscope, which reads waves from an electric source. The voltage (y-axis) and time (x-axis) are adjusted to match the clock of a signal (similar to the clock of a heart). For example, I adjusted the graph's time (in microseconds) until it matched the time of the signal pictured and displayed distinct waves. This instrument can be used to find the frequency of an electric source, in this case, about 50 Hz. I did some research and found that it includes measuring the electrical pulses of the heart, or heartbeat. It's always interesting to see the potential of electrical engineering in different fields.

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