Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekly Blog #3- Trials

This week, we were assigned to introduce ourselves to the principal and assistant principals. To be honest, I was more excited than nervous. I wanted to practice meeting professionals because first impressions are something that I need to work on (and they knew it was for ISM, so it wasn't awkward). The most interesting introduction I had was with the principal, who told me that he also studied electrical engineering and minored in business (which I plan to do)! Unfortunately, he found that engineering did not involve enough social interaction as he would have liked, so he switched to education. Perhaps, if he had the opportunity to explore electrical engineering in ISM, he would have pursued this career field and his original ambition of starting an engineering firm. I think that after many interviews with different professionals, I can get a better understanding of the jobs that EE offers, whether it be engineering management, teaching, or technical work.

Back to our simulations, after a few more rounds of practice interviews using our resumes, we were good to go for scheduling research interviews. If my AP French teacher gives me permission, then I will be off to my first research interview on Tuesday, at UTD! I can't wait to hear from someone who has first-hand experience with my chosen career field.

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