Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekly Blog #25- Final Product Development

This week, one of our assignments was to complete a Product Progress Assessment. As I read the questions (such as "Have you kept up with your calendar? What are some successes/failures you've had? How has your mentor helped you so far?"), I began to realize how close the deadline is. I have not followed my calendar in terms of order, so it was pretty difficult to assess my current progress in my final product. However, I do really need to dedicate at least 30 minutes every day to my product if I want to catch up to my calendar and challenge myself in terms of programming and applying my knowledge. I'm starting to face the reality that self-learning C++ is difficult when there isn't a grade at stake or a daily assignment. However, I'm also viewing this self-learning process as part of my final product- though I may not produce a tangible, functioning IC chip, I need to make sure that I at least learn how it works and how to program basic functions.

One positive aspect of my lack of order is that I actually completed one of my last steps, which is to research the applications of an IC chip. I had hoped to master the basics and then look into its usages, but I got a little too curious and just researched a few days ago. I think this might even be better because I'll have more time to think about how I can make my product more useful and how I can expand my ideas in the long run. Overall though, I do need to catch up on my calendar so that my mentor and I have more to work with and can prepare for any change of plans.

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