Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekly Blog #24- FPN Plans

Time is really flying by, because this week in ISM, we started thinking about our own plans for Final Presentation Night. That means two things: I need to finish the organizing part and I need to really get going on my final product. Although I've started the basics of C++ and how IC chips work, I haven't gotten my hands on a physical, programmable IC chip yet. This will probably be something my mentor and I discuss at our next visit.

But back to FPN, we covered a lot of details about how to prepare in advance and be prudent about our use of time. We have to consider the room, the decor, our mentors, and our volunteers during quick transitions. Another important thing to consider is the invitation and how to draw in the most people to attend my presentation. The invitation has to look professional yet eye-catching, but the real problem is getting a large audience when everyone in ISM is asking a lot of the same people. But I would say the biggest challenge as a whole is talking for most of the 2-3 hours at FPN. The first half of FPN is greeting and talking next to my board in the cafeteria and then right after is the 30-minute long speech. I am a bit intimidated, but I've been to FPN as a volunteer twice and it has always run smoothly in the end. It's important to remember to see this not as a burden in terms of preparation, but as a chance to express creativity and showcase my hard work and what I've gained throughout the year.

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